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by Ira Novoselsky & Max McKee (NOVOS-24)



The Audio Program from United States Air Force Band performances:
Col. Arnald D. Gabriel, Conducting

 1. Light Cavalry (von Suppe/Henry Fillmore)
 2. George M. Cohan Medley (Cohan/Floyd Werle)
 3. Il Guarany (Antonio Gomez/Herbert L. Clarke)
 4. Slava (Bernstein/Clare Grundman)
 5. Chester (William Schuman)
 6. La Virgen de Macarena (Mendez/Severinsen) featuring Doc. Severinsen (trumpet)
 7. Festival Variations (Claude Smith) [U.S. Air Force Academy Band recording]
 8. Celebration Overture (Paul Creston)
 9. Festive Overture (Shostakovich/Donald Hunsberger)

                                                                                                                   Total length of audio program: 57 minutes

  Novos Radio

AUDIO: Arnald Gabriel Music

Arnald Gabriel–Video Program from the American Band College 2011:
 1. Americans We (Henry Fillmore)
 2. Battle Hymn of the Republic (Willhousky)
 3. America the Beautiful (Dragon)
 4. Riding "On the Truck" at Ashland's 4th of July Parade

 5. July 3rd rehearsal (Battle Hymn & America)
 6. World War II story "Fallen Comrades"
 7. World War II story "On being tired."

The performing group is the 200 member ABC Directors' Bands, combined for the 4th of July concert at Ashland High School Stadium. The RO Band becomes the 100-voice choir for Battle Hymn and America the Beautiful, while the YG Band remains as instrumentalists for the performance.

                                                                                                                    Total length of video program: 30 minutes

Audio/Video Problems?


Arnald Gabriel–Additional Video Programs:

 1. From the Battlefield to the Podium: Col Arnald D. Gabriel with Tim Lautzenheiser (10 minutes)
     At the Midwest Clinic 2006 (excerpts used by permission)
     From the GIA Publications: Master Conductors DVD
     Click to Purchase Battlefield to Podium DVD at GIA

 2. Days of Remembering: Mormon Tabernacle Choir (with Donny Osmond)                (26 minutes)

 3. The United States Air Force Band (on the Mike Douglas Show (1973)                       (17 minutes)
                                                                             Total length of additional video programs:  53 minutes

1 Novos
2 Novos
3 Novos

Top row: (left) Gabe conducting at the Air Force Memorial, June 2010,(center) the Fledermaus cast Sept. 1981, (right) Arnald with Sammy Nestico, June 2010

2nd row: (left) T. Gauger, Doc Severinsen, Linda Day, Arnald Gabriel, Peter Graves, Wm. Conrad in Nov. 1984, (center) Gabriel with Mr. Rogers and kids, March 1979, (right) Arthur Godfrey with Col. Gabriel, Feb.1972

3rd row: (right) Arnald Gabriel in summer 1929.

4th row: (left) Shirley Temple with Col. Gabriel, June 1973, (center) Joanne Worley with Gabe, March 1978, (right) Col. Bourgeois & Col. Gabriel, Pope John Paul II with saxophonist Dale Underwood at his right in May 2000.

5th row: (left) Arnald with Mickey & Friends in April 1980, (center) in Meunchen-Gladbach, Germany in Feb. 1945 on the right side), (right) Arnald outside the family grocery store (1940)

6th row: (left) Paris March 1945, hands on hips, (right) Col. Gabriel with Doc Severinsen in March 1972.

7th row: (left) Gabe in his Cortland Civic Band uniform in June 1940, (center) with Victor Borge in Marc 1980, (right) with Toshio Akiyama, March 1970.

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