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by Ira Novoselsky & Max McKee (NOVOS-19)

Kaleid Jim Walker, Flutist

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WalkerDad WalkerEthnic
Freeflight at MusicFest Canada 1986.
Jim & his Dad, band director & clarinetist. Jim in his studio with ethnic instruments. Jim with James Galway (1986)
WalkerFamPlay WalkerKazoo
Jim with his family, Paulette, Erin & Preston.
     Jim with family playing ensembles. Jim kazooing with studio musician friends.
Jim with his 2009 flute camp students. Jim with Paul McCartney backstage at the 2002 Oscars. See the Oscars Video Jim's wannabe pilot days 1949.
Jim at H.S. graduation in 1962.
WalkerIrish WalkerMellon



Jim when he played on television in "Jake and the Fatman" at an Irish funeral. Jim receiving the Mellon Mentoring Award
at USC in the spring of 2009.

The Audio and Video Program Jim Walker features

1. VIDEO: Jim Walker performances, clinics and fun moments at ABC since 2001 (14 min.)
Dr. Tim introduction, "Fanfare for a New Beginning" excerpt, Jim relaxing pre-concert,
    Jim presenting flute clinics at ABC 2005 & ABC 2009, "American Flute Salute" 2005 excerpt,
    "American Flute Salute" 2009 excerpt, ABC 2001 clinic performance excerpt, ABC 2009
    Jim with the U.S. Army flag during "Presentation of the Flags," Jim playing "On the Truck"
    during the Ashland 4th of July parade, Jim playing in the ABC band with "THE HAT,"
    ABC 2005 excerpt from "Carmen Variations."

2. AUDIO: Jim Walker flute performances from 4 of his albums (57 minutes)
Bach's Groove, Song for Susan, Syrinx, Humoresque, Gershwin Medley,
    Sonata No. 4 (Bach), They Can't Take that Away from Me, Prelude #2 (Gershwin),
    Steroids, Our Love is Here to Stay, Plain & Simple, Somebody Loves Me

3. AUDIO: A September 29, 2009 interview about his career (27 minutes)


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• Oscars Performance with McCartney
• YouTube On Flute Playing
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The Oct-Dec 2009 Bandworld Cover

Featured on the cover of this 21st Bandworld Online issue (Vol. 25 #2), the young flutist with Jim Walker is Tommy, son of 2009 ABC graduate (and flutist), Rebekah Allmand.

After ABC, Jim presented the special 4th of July celebration hat to the American Band College. We decided that any future soloist on July 4 will be required to play the piccolo solo to "Stars & Stripes" on his or her own instrument while wearing "The Hat." Harry Watters (trombone for 2010) is already practicing!

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