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by Ira Novoselsky & Max McKee (NOVOS-14)

A&G Wright


This 14th NOVOS Radio/TV Program features two of America's greatest contributors and active people in the band business

The video segments represent special moments at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago and at the 20th anniversay of the American Band College in Ashland, Oregon (June 2008).

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The Video Program features Al & Gladys Conducting:

1. Gladys Stone Wright conducting Henry Fillmore's THE KLAXON at ABC on June 26, 2008.
2. Al Wright conducting Henry Fillmore's ROLLING THUNDER on June 26, 2008.
Total length of video: 9 minutes

Also see AROUND ABC 2008 for a photo gallery on Al & Gladys.
Also see THE MUSIC MAKERS for a photo gallery on Al & Gladys.


The Video Interview and Bandworld Feature Article

1. Midwest Clinic interview with Al and Gladys (7 minutes: Click at right then video icon on linked page.)
2. Ten-page feature article with nearly 100 photos marking their careers (Click at right then PAGE.)
3. On-the-Inside at the 20th Annual American Band College (featuring Al & Gladys). CLICK HERE.

PHOTO: Above – Al & Gladys with ABC Managing Director, Scott McKee


Gladys with ABC masters candidates (June 2008)
Al with ABC masters candidates (June 2008)

Gladys conducting one of the 100-member ABC Bands

Max McKee greets Al on his 92nd birthday (6/23/2008)

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The Music Makers Feature Article

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Performance Video ABC 2008

Interview Video (Midwest Clinic

Audio/Video Problems?


There are two programs in NOVOS-14, a 6-minute video program from ABC plus a link to a 7-minute video from a Midwest Clinic interview.

The idea for this series is based on Ira Novoselsky's ongoing activity creating interesting, complete programs for traditional radio. When Bandworld Magazine went exclusively online in 2004, it became obvious that the Internet provides a way to get to a much broader audience. NOVOS was chosen in honor of Ira, who has contributed in many ways to the development of Bandworld Magazine and the American Band College Center for Research.

Click on the graphic of the blue box or red box (above right). Once the small inset box launches you can surf the web or handle other computer tasks while the program continues to play. (Click at left if you are missing the Quicktime Player. You can download it free from Apple.)


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