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by Ira Novoselsky & Max McKee (NOVOS-12)

CramerRay Cramer, Midwest President


This 12th NOVOS Radio/TV Program features dozens of short interviews with well-known band composers, conductors and soloists. Created for the 60th anniversary of the Midwest Band Clinic in 2006, the interviews were recorded between 2001 and 2005 by Scott and Max McKee.

The video was compiled into a DVD by Max McKee. The finished product ran 24 hours a day on the in-house television systems of the various downtown Hilton Hotels during the 2006 Midwest Band Clinic.

See the list of included interviews, music and specials below.

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The Video Program features:

Dozens of interviews with our most famous composers, conductors and soloists. Recorded in Chicago over five Midwest Band Clinics from 2001 through 2005. The final DVD was shown 24 hours a day in the various downtown Hilton hotels during the 60th anniversary celebration. Over 100 clips as detailed below can be seen in the video. (Click at right side to see the 2001 video, 2002-03 video or 2004-05 video.

Total length of 3 video segments: 67 minutes


Select Video:
  2001 Interviews
  2002-03 Interviews
  2004-05 Interviews

2001 Interviews & Music
  Kelly Jocius
  Dallas Brass 1
  Jan de Haan
  Jan Van der Roost
  David Holsinger
  Warren Barker
  Andy Clark 1
  John Zdechlik
  –5 minute mark–
  Ray Cramer
  Michael Levine
  Dallas Brass 2
  Dennis Senseney
  Jim Catalano
  Reg Area View
  Harry Pinchon
 –10 minute mark–
  Victor Zajec
  Johan de Meij
  Exhibit Area View
  Tim Lautzenheiser
  Dallas Brass 3
  Dave Warbel
  Anne McGinty
  Jon Edmondson
–15 minute mark–
  Ralph Hultgren 1
  Geoffrey Brand 1
  Walter Hartley
  Dallas Brass 4
  Alfred Reed 1
–20 minute mark–
  Lassiter High Orchestra
  Male High School Band
  Larry Clark
  Larry Daehn
  Pierre LaPlante
  Jack Bullock
  Exhibit Area View
  John O'Reilly
–25 minute mark–
  Northshore Concert Band
  Alfred Reed 2
  Legion of Honor (2001)
  Bill Ludwig, Jr.

2002 Inteviews and Music
  Johan de Meij 2
–30 minute mark–
  Ray Cramer 2
   Fred Fennell 1
   Arnald Gabriel
Brian Bowman
   Jim Barnes
Geoffrey Brand 2
   Mark Camphouse
   Canadian Brass
   Andy Clark 2

 –35 minute mark–
   Legion of Honor 2002
   Francis McBeth
   Exhibit Area View
   Fred Fennell 2
   Robert W. Smith
   Ralph Hultgren 2
   John Bourgeois
   Johan de Meij 3
   Virginia Sudler
   Robert Foster
   Jim Slutz
   Ray Cramer 3
   James Croft
   Jim Swearingen

2003 Interviews and Music
 –40 minute mark–
   U.S. Army Field Band
Richard Strange
   Registration Area View
   Johnny Vinson
   Ray Cramer & IU Band
   James Curnow
   William Himes
   Capitol Quartet
   Phillip Sparke
   Kitty O'Shea View
   Harlingen Jazz Ensemble
   Fred Fennell 3
 –45 minute mark–
   Black & White Conductor


2004 Interviews and Music
   Vandercook Band
   Jan van der Roost 2
   Tim Lautzenheiser 2
   Mark Kelly
–50 minute mark–

   Kanagawa Winds
   Johan de Meij 4
   Alan Bonner
   Al Wright
–55 minute mark–
   Gladys Wright
   U. S. Marine Band
   Richard Strange
–60 minute mark–

2005 Interviews and Music
   Robert W. Smith 2
   Chicago Youth Sym. Orchestra
   Ray Cramer
   Max McKee
   John O'Reilly 2
   Francis McBeth 2
   Harry Watters
–65 minute mark–
   Frank Ticheli
   Ralph Hultgren 3
   U.S. Army Herald Trumpets
   Eugene Allen

Kelly Jocius, Exec. Admin.




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Audio/Video Problems?


There is one program in NOVOS-12, a 67-minute video.

The idea for this series is based on Ira Novoselsky's ongoing activity creating interesting, complete programs for traditional radio. When Bandworld Magazine went exclusively online in 2004, it became obvious that the Internet provides a way to get to a much broader audience. NOVOS was chosen in honor of Ira, who has contributed in many ways to the development of Bandworld Magazine and the American Band College Center for Research.

Click on the graphic of the blue box (above right). Once the small inset box launches you can surf the web or handle other computer tasks while the program continues to play. (Click at left if you are missing the Quicktime Player. You can download it free from Apple.)

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