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by Ira Novoselsky & Max McKee (NOVOS-1)

Johan de Meij

The music of Johan de Meij includes several of the most performed compositions in today's band literature. Winner of the prestigious Sudler International Wind Band Composition Competition in 1989, his "Lord of the Rings" (in 5 movements) created a sensation across the band world.

Subsequently it was transcribed for symphony orchestra and in a shortened, single-movement version designed especially for high school band.

This first-ever NOVOS Radio/TV Program is based around a concept suggested by Ira Novoselsky. It includes 5 selections from original works and transcriptions of multiple-movement compositions by Johan de Meij.

1. His "The Wind in the Willows" is the delightful setting depicting the famous children's story. The featured movement in this part of the program is Ratty & Mole. Johan discusses themes and relates a heart-warming story in the Commentary+Music version of NOVOS.

2. Magic Garden from "The Venetian Collection" which is de Meij's musical vision of 4 paintings in Venice, Italy's Guggenheim Museum. Johan describes the creative process with Venetian.

3. Featured as part of this program is the Hobbits movement from "Lord of the Rings." Listen to the Commentary + Music version for special insights by Johan about its composition, early performances, and more.

4. In this part of the program is "Le Piccadilly" from the 3-movement suite of Erik Satie piano pieces named Ratatouille by Johan.


5. The final movement form Johan's exciting T-Bone Concerto is fittingly entitled "Well Done." Commissioned by the Kentucky Music Educators this composition has been performed by many of the world's leading trombone soloists. Commentary about starting this project.




There are 3 programs: (1) MUSIC ONLY, (2) MUSIC WITH COMMENTARY, or (3) VIDEO. The first two contain complete recordings of the 5 movements mentioned above. Total length of each audio progam is 32 minutes. The video version includes awards, conducting appearances and Midwest interviews plus some of above music (background). Length is 8 minutes. (The audio interview was conducted by telephone on March 18, 2005 by Max McKee from Ashland, Oregon to Johan in Amsterdam.)

The idea for this series is based on Ira Novoselsky's ongoing activity creating interesting, complete programs for traditional radio. When Bandworld Magazine went exclusively online in 2004, it became obvious that the Internet provides a way to get to a much broader audience. NOVOS was chosen in honor of Ira, who has contributed in many ways to the development of Bandworld Magazine and the American Band College Center for Research.

Click on the graphic of the orange, green or red box. Once the small inset box launches you can surf the web or handle other computer tasks while the program continues to play.

To navigate to other NOVOS programs, click on the PREVIOUS & NEXT buttons at top or bottom of the page.

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