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Magazine Login Help

You may login at the HOME PAGE or when you attempt to view subscriber-only pages .

Go directly to Bandworld Online:
 •  By clicking on the photo of the Bandworld Magazine cover.
 •  By selecting the "Go Current Issue" button just above the Magazine cover at home page.

You will be asked to login the first time you choose to view any item under the SUBSCRIBER ONLY AREA.
(You can access all of the info under the FREE AREA without being a Bandworld subscriber at any time.)


  • New online subscribers! Simply purchase a subscription online. You are automatically logged in via the User ID and Password that you create. Future login uses the same ID & Password!
  • If you were a subscriber in summer of 2004, you will find your User ID & Password printed on the address label on the back of the July-Sept 2004 (Vol. 20, #1) issue. (See HOW TO LOGIN below for an update!)
  • If you are using a school library subscription, the librarian set-up the User ID (email address) & Password. Please check with your librarian for this info. These User ID & Password can be changed by going to "My Account" in the upper left of the home page.


  • Type in your User ID (email) and Password.
  • If you can't remeber your password, click on the "forgot your password" link just below the login area on the home page.
  • If you are still having problems, send us an email for help --> Click Here

Automatic log-in for new and renewal subscribers is now in place. When you purchase an online subscription, you use your ID (email address) and the password you created. It is activiated as soon as you submit your credit card payment.



The page you have requested is part of the subscriber area.
  • You can select another page using the navigation above.
  • If you have a subscription, please login below to view this page:
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